My name is Matthew Martin and I am a writer and a History teacher at the Totteridge Academy, a United Learning school in High Barnet. Between 2013-16, I read Central and East European History at School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies (SSEES) at University College London.


I have blogged about:

I am interested in most areas of Central European history, ranging from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. However, I tend to write most extensively on European German-speaking lands and on the late medieval to early modern periods. Both cultural and social history are particularly important to me as I seek to revive memories that have been forgotten in history and to show the fluidity and interconnectedness of history and culture.

My current research projects are on historical memory. I am particular interested in how certain institutions and people have been remembered by historians and how greatly affected these accounts are by the context in which they are written. I am currently writing papers on the German Middle Ages and the Third Reich.

A side research interest of mine is Irish history on an account of my ancestry. I tend my focus my efforts on the 1920s with a particular interest in English-Irish relations.

Along with this, I am also interest in pedagogical research and how History practitioners can teach the most stimulating and rigorous History to children aged between eleven and sixteen. Currently, I am writing on historical significance, counter history, and change and continuity.

For a comprehensive list of my work, do visit my Academic.edu page 


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