My name is Matthew Martin and I am a History teacher, Head of EAL and Governor at the Totteridge Academy, a United Learning school in High Barnet. I am a keen writer on both history and pedagogy and write all of the textbooks and workbooks for the history department. Between, 2013-16, I read Central and East European History at School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies (SSEES) at University College London. Between 2016-17, I studied for my PGCE at UCL Institute of Education and received the grade “outstanding”.

I have blogged about:

Outside of teaching and education, I am interested in most areas of Central European history, ranging from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. However, I tend to write most extensively on European German-speaking lands and on the the late medieval to early modern periods. Both cultural and social history are particularly important to me as I seek to revive memories that have been forgotten in history and to show the fluidity and interconnectedness of history and culture.

My current research projects are on historical memory and, in particular, how certain institutions and people have been remembered by historians and how greatly affected these accounts are by the context in which they are written.

If you have an questions at all, please do message me via the “Contact” page on this site.


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