In the Press

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Research Interests:

As both a Historian and History teacher, my research interest naturally are quite broad. Regarding History, I am interested in most areas of Central European History ranging from the Middle Ages to present day. However, I am particularly interested in cultural and social History of Early modern Germany and Poland as well as intellectual History and the History of memory in nineteenth century Germany Empire.

Regarding Education, I am currently interested in how teachers can best teach the ‘Big Six’ second order concepts in a historically rigorous way to students aged between eleven and sixteen. With this, I am writing on ‘change and continuity’, ‘historical significance’ and counter history.

Published work:

Matthew Martin, Review of Kristen Ghodsee, The Left Side of History: World War II and the Unfulfilled Promise of Communism, (2015), Slovo, 28, 2, (2016), 144-146.

Matthew Martin, Review of Martyn Rady, Customary Law in Hungary: Courts, Texts and the Tripartitum, (2015), Slovo, 28 (2016), 66-67.